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Consider a preneed contract for your funeral

When you first start your estate planning process, there are a lot of pressing topics including conservatorship and transferring your wealth to your loved ones. Another aspect of estate planning you may want to tackle is the cost of your funeral. The cost of a funeral...

How do I create a pet trust?

If it is possible your pet could outlive you, then you should make a plan for it. Many animals end up in shelters each year because their owners died and did not plan ahead. The General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts explains the state does allow you to...

The basics about trusts as part of an estate plan

Boston area residents often find that when they begin the estate planning process they have many different options to consider. It is all part of putting together a comprehensive estate plan. However, there is one estate planning instrument in particular that can be...

Setting up the right sort of trust

Setting up a trust may not be enough to protect the money you wish to bequest to your loved ones. There are instances where the trust may not cover a particular asset. And in some instances, a prepared trust may not cover the asset at all.It is a good idea to...

The pros and cons of an incentive trust

An incentive trust appeals to you. Your two children are very different. While your daughter is well-grounded and you have no doubt she will spend her inheritance wisely, your younger son is far different. He has always spent money quickly and made frivolous purchases...

Setting up a special needs trust

Caring for a special needs child can often be more complicated than many Massachusetts parents expect it to be. Many parents of special needs children have come to realize that their children may not be able to live independently, and they are constantly...

Benefits of a special needs trust

Families with a special needs child are becoming more and more common. Many of these children will receive government benefits when they are older. Some Massachusetts parents may wish to leave a special needs child some kind of inheritance after they pass. However,...