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December 2016 Archives

Don't wait to do estate planning for family and asset protection

Estate planning is something most people seem to think should be done later in life. Why would a fairly young person need or want to plan for incapacitation or death, right? Well, the truth is that estate planning for family and asset protection is not something that one should delay. There are plenty of reasons why Massachusetts residents may want to consider creating an estate plan now.

Health care planning now can make things easier on family members

Whether it is something people want to think about or not, everyone gets older and, at some point, may need frequent or even daily medical care. If plans are not put in place, finding the right care and paying for it may be a significant burden to ones family members. For residents of Massachusetts, health care planning now can make things easier on loved ones in the future.

Massachusetts probate process: What is informal probate?

In Massachusetts, there are three different forms of probate that may be used when closing out a loved one's estate. These are informal, formal and late and limited. This week, this column will work to address the informal probate process and what it entails.

Massachusetts estate planning: Why wills matter

The estate planning process is something many people put off doing. It is believed that half of all Americans do not have wills. It is understandable. No one really wants to think about their own death or the death of a spouse or other loved one. However, for those residing in Massachusetts and elsewhere, failing to at least have a will in place will only hurt loved ones in the end.

How can one appoint a guardian for his or her minor children?

For young parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere who are going through the estate planning process, trying to decide who will care for young children in the event of their deaths or incapacitation can be challenging. As difficult as it may be, appointing a guardian for minor children really is a must. This column will address how this can be done and what should be considered before making the ultimate decision.