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December 2015 Archives

Assisting elderly parents with estate planning

Over the holidays, many Massachusetts families might have had difficult conversations with their elderly parents regarding whether they are prepared for a time when their parents may become incapacitated or pass away. Now that those conversations have occurred, it might be possible to help them find the assistance they will need with estate planning. Depending on the circumstances, the elderly parents might need several different documents in order to protect themselves, their heirs and their estates.

Wills help Massachusetts residents plan their families' futures

The fact is that few Massachusetts residents are comfortable with contemplating their own death. This causes people to delay executing wills to distribute their property after they pass away. However, wills and other estate planning documents are not only for the peace of mind of the person executing them, they are plans for the future of that person's family.

Failure to consider health care planning could be costly

Many Massachusetts residents contemplate a retirement in which they can travel, indulge a hobby, or enjoy being home and spending time with family. Unfortunately, many fail to consider that a debilitating condition could change those plans forever. Therefore, they also fail to consider long-term health care planning, which could be costly later in life.

What happens during the probate process?

Many Massachusetts residents are unaware of what is supposed to happen after the death of a loved one. Whether the decedent has an estate plan does not mean that probate can be automatically avoided. Surviving family members may have heard about the probate process, but do not understand how it works or what it entails.

Wills are the first step in estate planning regardless of age

If a Massachusetts adult earns money or owns assets, such as a car or house, estate planning is essential. Regardless of whether an individual is married or has children, an estate plan will ensure that any property is distributed in accordance with his or her wishes. Wills are just the first step in the process, no matter what the person's situation.