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July 2018 Archives

The validity of cell phone wills

Many people don't know where they would be on a daily basis without their cell phones. These small devices have become an integral part of many people's lives in Massachusetts as well as most other states across the country. It isn't unusual for people to keep personal or important information on their phones, such as bank or credit card apps and accounts, but some people have even started keeping wills on their cell phones

Powers of attorney and joint bank accounts

Many children wonder what will happen as their parents grow older. Some Massachusetts residents have been given powers of attorney over their parents but are unsure of how to proceed. Many people question whether they should have a joint account with their parent or parents to ensure that bills are paid on time. Like many things, there are both advantages and disadvantages to sharing a joint account, especially if that person is the original account holder's child. 

What happens when people die without wills?

Creating an estate plan is something that many people are guilty of putting off. A significant number of these people, including many Massachusetts residents, may believe that they do not need one until they achieve a certain amount of wealth. However, anyone can benefit from creating a will. Family members or other potential beneficiaries of people who die without written wills may find it difficult to receive their rightful inheritance.

The ups and downs of a revocable trust for Buzz Aldrin

Elderly people across the country have been involved in legal battles where people, including family members, are attempting, or have attempted, to gain control of their assets. Some Massachusetts residents may find themselves in a similar situation to former astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, who is currently struggling with accusations that he is not mentally competent. Aldrin has a revocable trust in place to help him, but it is that same trust that is adding to his problems. 

Including cryptocurrency in wills

Online assets are becoming more common as technology advances.What happens to cryptocurrency, like bitcoin and ethereum, after the account holder dies? In Massachusetts and elsewhere these currencies can be included in wills, but what other steps might be necessary for heirs to redeem them?