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March 2014 Archives

Are wills enough to provide for Massachusetts pets?

For many Massachusetts residents, their pets are part of the family. Therefore, it only makes sense to provide for them in the event of incapacitation or death, just like any other family member. Many people use their wills to give their pets a new home after their death, but that may not be enough.

Eric Carr's estate sues KISS as part of its estate administration

Many Massachusetts music fans know that Eric Carr was the second drummer for the iconic band KISS. During his time with the band, he wrote four songs for which he received royalties. When he died in 1991, the estate believed it continued to receive royalties for those songs from all relevant sources. Recently, the estate discovered that was not the case, and as part of an ongoing estate administration, it filed suit against KISS and others.

Taking it a step beyond wills and trusts

Massachusetts residents have often heard that an estate plan is essential in order to provide for loved ones after death. Many people know that wills and trusts are the most often used documents to pass on assets to heirs and beneficiaries. However, another step could help the executor of the estate and family members after an individual passes away.

Celebrities prove that wills are good, but trusts may be better

In recent years, many celebrities have passed away in what would be considered by some Massachusetts residents as well before their time. However, before they passed into Hollywood history, there was one last story to tell. Many of these celebrities' estates became public because they relied on wills alone to pass the bulk -- if not all -- of their estates.