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September 2015 Archives

Estate planning options are available for every situation

Every Massachusetts family has different needs and dynamics when it comes to financial, emotional and health issues. No one can accurately predict what will happen in the future, and it is advisable to be prepared for any eventuality. Estate planning options are available that can help in just about every circumstance.

Wills are still a necessary part of a Massachusetts estate plan

Some Massachusetts residents may no longer believe that wills are necessary since most property can be transferred to friends and family in other ways. It is true that there are other means by which a person's assets can be distributed to friends and family. However, that does not mean that wills are no longer a valuable part of an estate plan.

Estate planning for trickier assets like pets and airline miles

It is easier to pass on some of a Massachusetts resident's assets than others. Some property requires extra steps during estate planning in order to properly distribute them after death. Two of these items are pets and airline miles.

Having a will does not mean family can avoid the probate process

It is a misconception that by having a will, family members will not have to go through the Massachusetts courts in order to receive their inheritances. The will must still go through the probate process before that can happen. That could take up to, or more than, a year to complete. Before you complete your estate plan, it may be a good idea to make sure that your family members understand what to expect after your death.