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December 2014 Archives

Long-term health care planning is a larger issue for women

Statistics show that men live an average of five years less than women do. As a result, many women will spend more time in long-term care at the end of their lives than men will. Therefore, long-term health care planning is more of an issue for Massachusetts women than men.

Setting up a living revocable or irrevocable trust

Massachusetts residents set up living trusts -- which is a trust created during the life of its creator -- for a variety of reasons. For instance, a revocable trust (changeable) or irrevocable trust (unchangeable) can be created to provide for loved ones who are too young or otherwise incapable of dealing with financial affairs on their own. Other people may set up a trust in order to protect their assets if they become incapacitated. Some trusts are created to avoid probate, stave off creditors and avoid hefty estate taxes.

Wills are just the beginning of stress relief for the future

Retirement may seem years or even decades away for some Massachusetts residents. However, that may not stop concerns about the future over what would happen to an individual and his or her family if one was no longer able to care for him- or herself or family. Fortunately, estate plans with wills at their core can help eliminate the stress of an unplanned future.

Blended families up the stakes in asset protection

A large number of families in Massachusetts are comprised of children from a previous marriage and couples who are getting married for the first or second time later in life. This often means that both parties are coming into the marriage with their own wealth and assets. Asset protection takes on a new meaning for these families when it comes to estate planning.