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November 2019 Archives

Answer these questions to determine whether you need a trust

You may be among the many Massachusetts residents who wonder what estate planning tools will work best for your plan. It may seem like a blessing and a curse to have so many planning options. On one hand, you can ensure that you find the best options for expressing your end-of-life wishes, but on the other hand, you may feel overwhelmed by the various tools available.

Wills: Could Ric Ocasek's unresolved divorce affect his estate?

When people in Massachusetts get divorced, they likely know that they need to change any existing estate plan that is already in place. They may change their wills, designate new beneficiaries or review their health care directives. But what happens to a person's estate if he or she dies before the divorce is finalized? Though that scenario sounds far-fetched, it can happen, and is actually the case for the estate of Ric Ocasek, former lead singer of the band The Cars.

Estate planning, power of attorney important for college students

Being in college often gives many Massachusetts residents their first taste of adulthood. They may live on campus and away from their parents for the first time and have to find ways to address many adult issues on their own. What some may not consider, however, is that now may be the time to start estate planning.