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Which assets may I transfer to a living trust?

Massachusetts residents may create a revocable or “living” trust and use it to protect their assets. As your property or income changes, a living trust allows you to transfer assets to it until your death. After death, your trust becomes irrevocable, and your assets...

How do I create a pet trust?

If it is possible your pet could outlive you, then you should make a plan for it. Many animals end up in shelters each year because their owners died and did not plan ahead. The General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts explains the state does allow you to...

Administering a Massachusetts Special Needs Trust

Over the past twenty years, estate planning attorneys in Massachusetts (and elsewhere) have turned to a special type of trust known as a “special needs trust” to help families with a disabled member. The basic purpose of a special needs trust (SNT) is to protect the...

Differences between revocable and irrevocable trusts

As people grow older in Massachusetts, they may gain a stronger understanding of their mortality and begin to focus on ensuring that they assets end up with the people they intend for them to go to. There are different ways that people can do that though. Some choose...

Minimize death taxes with trusts

Estate taxes, sometimes called death taxes, are taxes taken from the transfer of an estate upon a person’s death. Often expensive, these taxes can take around 50% of the value of an estate, after a certain threshold. With payment due nine months after an individual’s...

What are the advantages of a revocable living trust?

The goal of estate planning is to allow someone to control and designate how their property is distributed to others when they die. The goal for estate planning attorneys is to help people pass along as much of their estate as possible, avoiding probate, taxes and...