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April 2013 Archives

Wealthy Holocaust survivor leaves $40 million behind, no will

After a person passes away, loved ones and family members often struggle with many challenges on top of the grief of losing someone. Many times, these challenges involve the execution of a will. A person's will is a very personal way of dispersing any assets or money that the person leaves behind, and sometimes friends and family members are very surprised by certain discoveries during the estate administration and probate process.

Having a long-term care plan in case of 'the long goodbye'

People generally do not like to think of what will happen at the end of their lives and it can be unpleasant to consider the possibilities of getting sick. But the truth is that even though it can be difficult, having a long-term care plan in place is not only beneficial to an individual, but it often eases the financial and emotional strain of the loved ones around us.

Google gives users the tools to name heirs for online data

As many of us in Massachusetts and nationwide know, the Internet continues to change and play an ever-increasing role in most people's lives. It has become a tool that many of us use to store and create data, share photographs, or create online personas. The issue of who controls this digital information after a person has died has therefore been widely discussed. While we have tools like wills and estate plans to assign heirs and beneficiaries for our tangible assets, assigning these roles to handle digital information has been much trickier.

Irish woman leaves no will, heirs traced back to Massachusetts

Having a proper will in place can be essential in making sure that a person's wishes are carried out after he or she has passed away. Even if the assets that are to be distributed are relatively insignificant, it can become a serious weight for others to carry when they must try and figure out what to do finances, debts or properties if a person has not left a will.

Widow of Johnson & Johnson heir passes away

The legacy that people leave when they pass away is not simply limited to the money or properties they include in a will. However, a person's estate plan is often all that some family members and loved ones can try to understand after losing someone close to them. In some cases, the strain of some familial relationships leaves scars that are only exacerbated when a person dies.