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March 2017 Archives

Attending to the probate process falls to Massachusetts executors

After the death of a loved one, Massachusetts residents often have many tasks to which they must attend. Among those tasks is completing the probate process for the deceased loved one's estate. Various aspects go into this process, and some surviving family members may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of having to deal with the legal proceedings probate entails. 

Massachusetts parents may be interested in a special needs trust

Having a child with special needs can add a different element to an individual's life. Therefore, when considering end-of-life plans, Massachusetts residents may wish to consider adding additional elements to their estate plans. A special needs trust could be one potential option to consider as individuals work to create their plans.

Powers of attorney can play vital role in estate plans

When planning for end-of-life arrangements, many decisions need to be addressed. Powers of attorney can play a significant role later in life, and therefore, Massachusetts residents may wish to appoint their agents as part of their estate plans. Appointing more than one agent may prove useful, as it spreads out the responsibilities as well as allows the agents to keep each other in check when it comes to decision making. 

Could a Massachusetts estate need more than one probate process?

Taking advantage of estate planning can help many individuals get their affairs in order. By having certain documents and information organized, Massachusetts residents can better prepare their estates for the probate process or to avoid the process altogether. Of course, in order to fully make the necessary preparations, individuals likely need to understand what probate is. 

Assessment may help Massachusetts residents complete wills

Deciding to move forward with creating estate plans is a beneficial first step. Massachusetts residents who create wills and other planning documents may feel more at ease when they think about future care and how their affairs will be handled after their deaths. In order to get started, individuals may wish to consider various aspects of their lives.