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November 2013 Archives

The ABC's of a Massachusetts revocable or irrevocable trust

Listen to people in Massachusetts talk about estate planning long enough, and the topic of trusts will come up. However, people do not generally go into detail as to just what a revocable or irrevocable trust comprises. There are numerous types of trusts, but most fit into these two main categories.

Police officer defends inheritance of $1.8M in assets

Massachusetts residents may have heard of an ongoing probate dispute pending in a neighboring state. When an elderly woman died in Dec. 2012, it was discovered that she had left a substantial amount of her assets to a police officer she had developed a relationship with after he answered a call about an intruder at her home. Now, objections have been filed in the woman's probate regarding the $1.8 million in assets it is estimated were left to him. The officer has been accused of unduly influencing the elderly woman, causing her to leave him the assets, but those accusations were determined to be unfounded in one investigation.

Massachusetts estate planning covers more than wills and trusts

When many people in Massachusetts think of estate planning, their thoughts may go to documents such as wills and trusts. However, there is more to estate planning than just what will happen upon a person's death. There are documents that can make caring for a person at the end of life easier.

Massachusetts wills: What do executors do?

For many people in Massachusetts, it may seem like a simple decision to decide who will serve as executor of their wills. However, making that choice without first knowing and understanding what an executor is responsible for could end up being disastrous. When it comes to probating wills and settling an estate, executors have numerous duties.