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February 2013 Archives

James Brown's will dispute finally comes to an end

The significance of having a clear, direct and specific will cannot be overstated; however, doing so does not necessarily mean that a will is indisputable. There are a number of reasons that people believe they can challenge the validity of a will, so it can be crucial to work with a reliable estate planning attorney and to update a will appropriately.

Billionaires make bold pledge to donate half their fortune

There is a common belief that with more money comes fewer worries. While this may be true when it comes to more common concerns like paying the bills or buying a house, it is not to say that wealthy people do not have their own financial obstacles. People in and around Boston who are very wealthy may have difficult decisions to make when it comes to what they would like to happen with their money now and after they have passed on.

Setting up a trust for pets in Massachusetts

There are many people who do not believe that they need to set up a comprehensive and effective estate plan. Some people think that because they do not have significant assets or children, there is no need to develop a plan to protect whatever property and assets they do have. However, there are a number of reasons why people should consider establishing a plan for what should be done with their assets after they are gone.

Philanthropist leaves surprising fortune to various organizations

When a person passes away, loved ones and family members may be surprised at how intricate and complex the legal process can be when it comes to executing the terms of an estate plan. In general, a will needs to be probated before it can be enforced as a legal document. Many people in Boston are caught off guard by the process of estate administration and probate, but it is an important part of executing the terms of a person's estate plan.