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May 2018 Archives

Health care planning and power of attorney

Many Massachusetts residents who are creating an estate plan for the first time may be surprised by the number of steps involved or by the variety of options available to them. Some may believe that they only need to be concerned with creating a will, but health care planning can also be very important. Those who have long-term health concerns may be more likely to set up a health care power of attorney because appointing one of these individuals can help to prevent many problems before they begin.

The pros and cons of an incentive trust

An incentive trust appeals to you. Your two children are very different. While your daughter is well-grounded and you have no doubt she will spend her inheritance wisely, your younger son is far different. He has always spent money quickly and made frivolous purchases that you did not approve of.

Wills and their beneficiaries

Making an estate plan or writing a will can be difficult or confusing for many people. However, few people wonder what they should do when named as a beneficiary. People across the nation are bequeathed money or other assets through wills every day. In some cases, as some Massachusetts residents know, beneficiaries may not be expecting to receive anything from the deceased, and they may be unsure of what to do when they are named in a will.

Correcting estate planning mistakes

Many people across the country make an effort to plan for their future, including their death. However, as many Massachusetts residents may know, sometimes mistakes are made during estate planning, and even a person's most carefully laid plans can be ineffective. Fortunately, there are ways to correct these mistakes that would otherwise prevent a person's wishes from being carried out as they had intended. 

Conservatorships of adults

Britney Spears is known and beloved as a musical artist, but she is also known for her rather infamous breakdowns. What many Massachusetts readers might not know is that Spear's assets have been controlled by her father from a young age. Her father was originally awarded conservatorship after she was checked into a psychiatric hospital in 2008. In other cases, conservatorships or guardianships may be awarded to a third party or to an attorney. 

Estate planning in the computer age

Technology is a major part of nearly everyone's lives today. Many Massachusetts residents have accounts for a variety of different things, ranging from financial accounts to games or social media. For security reasons, most people use different usernames and passwords for each of these accounts, but that can make things difficult when it comes to estate planning