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April 2018 Archives

Wills and how they can help your loved ones

Protecting loved ones and ensuring that assets are divided quickly and fairly after their deaths are major concerns for a large number of Massachusetts residents. Some will leave unofficial instructions or hope that other family members will be able to divide the assets that they left behind. Unfortunately, not leaving a last will and testament can cause family members of the deceased to have to undergo lengthy and expensive legal battles. Wills can help to protect an individual's assets and ensure that they are divided amongst the beneficiaries without additional legal costs.

Estate planning tips

Estate planning involves more than creating a will Planning for one's own death is a daunting task for many Massachusetts residents, and many are unaware of everything that needs to be done. Some believe that they only need to write a will. However, there are many other things in addition to a will that may need to be considered during the estate planning process.

Setting up a special needs trust

Caring for a special needs child can often be more complicated than many Massachusetts parents expect it to be. Many parents of special needs children have come to realize that their children may not be able to live independently, and they are constantly wondering how their children will be cared for after they pass away. Setting up a special needs trust may help to lessen many parent's worries. 

Including pets in wills

Pets are valued members of many families across the country. In fact, there are many people living in Massachusetts, as well as many other states, who are including their pets in their wills. There are cases where owners have left thousands or even millions of dollars to their pets specifically for their care. This money is often used to pay for food, grooming and veterinary care.