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October 2019 Archives

Correctly signing documents on behalf of an estate

As the executor of your loved one's estate, you know that you will have to see the estate through the probate process. You may worry about certain aspects of completing the proceedings because you already know that probate can be difficult to complete. Though it can be a trying experience, you can gain useful information on the various activities you will have to do.

Numerous types of trusts exist. Which is right for you?

Creating an estate plan is a very personal experience. Many Massachusetts residents may even think that they can put off planning until they're older or that it is something that they do not need to go through at all. However, this type of thinking is not always the best, and really, anyone can benefit from getting their wishes in order.

The differences between guardianship and power of attorney

Many people know how important it is to designate someone to make medical and legal decisions for them in their old age or if they should otherwise become unable to do so. However, there is more than one way to accomplish this and people may not know exactly what choice is the best for them. One way is to establish guardianship and another is to designate someone as a power of attorney. Families in Massachusetts may not know the differences between the two, so here is an overview of each option.

Elder care admin accused of fraudulently using powers of atty

Senior citizens in Massachusetts often need assistance with their care as they age. Some of them live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities to ensure that their needs are met, particularly when their families don't live nearby or are unable to provide care themselves. While most of these places treat patients with the highest level of care, there are others that fail to do so. This is what one assisted living facility administrator is accused of doing, after authorities charged her with fraud and other crimes related to her claim to have powers of attorney for a resident.