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April 2014 Archives

Massachusetts heirs should know about digital assets

When gathering information on assets for an estate plan, some Massachusetts residents may forget about their online accounts. These digital assets also need to be included in the estate planning process. It is not always easy for heirs to locate assets in cyberspace -- especially if they do not know what to look for.

Failure to update wills could cause problems: Whitney Houston

Many Massachusetts residents have heeded advice to draw up an estate plan. However, once those documents are signed, many people put them aside and do not think about them again. Unfortunately, when wills are not reviewed periodically and updated as needed, problems can occur for those left behind after loved ones pass away.

Do changes need to be made to a revocable trust when relocating?

When moving to a new state, many issues need to be taken into consideration. One of the issues that many people may fail to consider is whether changes need to be made to a revocable trust or other estate planning documents. Every state, including Massachusetts, has its own legal requirements for these documents, which may differ from the state an individual is either coming from or to which he or she is going.