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Getting the most out of your will

Having a written will can make a tremendous difference in your family's ability to successfully close your estate. Clarifying your expectations can also reduce the risk of an estate dispute happening later on. Knowing what information to include in your will can help...

Debunking common myths about wills

If you own a Massachusetts home or vehicle, have bank accounts, retirement plans or other assets, your heirs can benefit when you have a will. Many people put it off or decide against it due to popular misconceptions about the process or requirements. According to the...

Can I use a simple will?

Many Americans push off estate planning until late in their lives. However, this can be a tragic misstep if you die young. Having a comprehensive estate plan in place is important at all stages of life, even if you do not have much in the way of assets. Many people...

How to split an inheritance between multiple heirs

When drafting their wills, parents must consider how to divide their inheritance among their children. Every family is different, so every will is different as well, leading to many different inheritance situations. The last thing any family wants is heirs disputing a...