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November 2015 Archives

Estate and health care planning for aging Massachusetts residents

Many Massachusetts readers are already aware that the average age of the country's population is rising. People are living longer, which increases the odds that they will need some level of assistance toward the end of their lives. Accordingly, estate and health care planning take on more significance.

Review wills and estate planning documents regularly

Many Massachusetts residents have prepared estate plans to dispose of their property after death and also to make arrangements for the possibility of becoming incapacitated. As time goes by, however, their lives and family dynamics could change drastically. If wills and other estate planning documents are not reviewed on a regular basis -- or when a major life event occurs -- the intentions reflected in the documents may no longer fit the circumstances appropriately.

Any long term care plan should include powers of attorney

The unfortunate truth is that not everyone will spend their "golden years" being able to care for themselves. Therefore, it is essential that part of every Massachusetts resident's estate plan provides for long term care. Any plan for long term care should include durable powers of attorney.