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January 2014 Archives

Changing beneficiary designations is part of estate planning

Many Massachusetts residents with retirement accounts such as IRAs and other accounts that pass outside of a will probably filled out a beneficiary designation form when the account was first established. Depending on how long ago that was and what has gone on in their lives since, those designations may be out of date. An integral part of estate planning is ensuring the person set to inherit those accounts is still the one the account holder wants to receive them.

Planning guardianships for Massachusetts special needs children

Parenting can be challenging under the best of circumstances. However, for Massachusetts parents who have children with special needs, the challenges only increase. One may include the consideration of guardianships when children turn 18.

Long-term health care planning provides peace of mind for family

Nearly 70 percent of Americans age 65 and older expect to require at least some form of long-term care. However, many people, including some here in Massachusetts, fail to prepare for it. Long-term health care planning can provide peace of mind for both the individual and his or her family.

Massachusetts wills can include some digital assets

Technology is constantly changing and more services are being offered online than ever before. As a result, many Massachusetts residents now have digital assets that they may want to include in their wills. Whether those assets consist of music files, e-books, Bitcoins or other digital property, some may want to pass these on to friends or loved ones when they die. Doing this may depend on the rules of the service providers, but having a digital estate plan may help.

Asset protection for Massachusetts couples in a second marriage

Many in Massachusetts know that getting married for a second time comes with its own set of challenges, including when it comes to estate planning. Asset protection in a second marriage is often a delicate balance between taking care of a new spouse and providing an inheritance for children of a prior marriage. Nevertheless, it is far from an impossible task.