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July 2014 Archives

Newly married couples in Massachusetts need wills, too

Newly married couples in Massachusetts are most likely not focused on estate planning. However, getting married is one of those life events that require changes to -- or the creation of -- the parties' wills and other estate-planning documents. Doing so as soon as possible helps ensure that an individual's new family is taken care of should something happen to him or her.

Proposed regulations may help with long-term health care planning

The population of our country is aging. As such, long-term health care planning -- including insurance policies to cover nursing home and assisted living costs -- becomes increasingly important. The state of Massachusetts is considering regulatory changes to the long-term health care insurance industry in the state in an attempt to provide protections for consumers.

Cohabitation can make estate planning even more important

Many older adults in Massachusetts are foregoing the marriage vows and living together. This may provide some advantages to many couples, but when it comes to what happens if one party becomes incapacitated or dies, it can be problematic. Cohabitation makes estate planning even more important in order to protect the surviving party.