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Why may I need long-term care if I live in my own home?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Long Term Care Planning

Some Massachusetts residents may need long-term care to continue living in their homes. While you may have heard that long-term care covers nursing homes, it also helps provide at-home personal services.

As noted on, LTC provides the assistance that could help you remain living independently. You may, for example, receive skilled at-home healthcare services. Someone may also visit your home to help with your daily living needs. With some personal help, you could better manage both your household and financial affairs so that you may “age in place.”

What services may I receive while I remain at home?

Available LTC services typically include home health care, personal care and assistance with household chores. With regard to skilled health care, a licensed nurse may come to your home and provide medical services. If you need physical therapy, a certified professional could provide the required rehabilitation services in your own home.

Long-term care also offers daily living assistance such as helping with shopping, laundry and housekeeping. If you need help with grooming or hygiene, you may request it along with the other services that help you to remain independent. When needed, someone could also help you by covering heavy chores such as snow shoveling and removing hazards from your home.

How long may I receive LTC services?

Individuals have differing needs to consider when planning for long-term care. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance reports that women generally live seven years longer than men. A 2018 study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University found that women accounted for 74% of single-person households with individuals at least 80 years old.

Long-term care services allow seniors the ability to remain living in their homes. With some thoughtful preparation, your estate plan may include your preferences and detailed instructions for at-home LTC.


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