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Protect your pooch with a solid pet trust

You adopted your dog later in life, and you know there's a possibility that you could outlive him. While you do have family members that have said they'd take him if you passed away, you want to guarantee that will happen. The last thing you want is for your beloved pet to end up in a shelter or euthanized because of no longer having a home.

Understand revocable trusts and what they can do for you

Trusts are an important tool for estate planning. Understanding how to use these trusts is important because any mistake that is made with a trust could be a very costly error. It is imperative that you think carefully about the type of trust that you are setting up. This includes thinking about the purpose of the trust and your goals.

Top reasons you should create a trust

Many people think that once they create a will, they have done everything they need in order to ensure their legacy passes on according to their wishes. Unfortunately, a will may not protect your final wishes as much as you would like. In order to protect the wealth you have built for the next generation, it is time to consider creating a trust.

4 benefits of an irrevocable trust

You're deciding how to leave your estate to your heirs, and you've heard about an irrevocable trust, but you haven't really looked into it. You're curious about the advantages, disadvantages, and legal steps you'll need to take.

Start planning ahead for Medicare

Aging gracefully takes carefully planning a regular investment in your health. Aging gracefully financially requires careful planning and forward-looking financial decisions. With the help of an experienced estate and financial planning lawyer, you can start taking steps now to plan for your upcoming Medicare application. Your attorney can also help you with estate planning, putting together a last will and even appointing a health care proxy who has a limited power of attorney if you become incapacitated for any period of time. All of this can give you peace of mind as you approach retirement.

What kind of taxes will apply to my father's estate?

If you recently lost a loved one, financial concerns are probably the last thing on your mind. You're going through the grieving process and this takes time. Let's say, for example, your father passed away, and you're his only heir. It will now be up to you to navigate the probate process and other legal concerns.