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3 ways to avoid a contested estate plan

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Estate Planning

After building assets, you want to ensure that it all goes exactly where you want it.

As the one of three people who have an estate plan, according to research by, you have already laid the groundwork for your last wishes to get fulfilled. Unfortunately, some beneficiaries may have different ideas. To avoid your will getting contested, consider the following three tips.

1. Incorporate a no-contest clause

Deterrence often serves as the best method. By including a no-contest clause, you may prevent people from challenging the will. This clause means that anyone who challenges it and loses in court will not inherit anything.

2. Avoid the appearance of undue influence

Every family has its nuances and challenges. While some may go with the flow, others may want to get more involved than they should. While conducting your personal estate planning business, do it alone with your advisor. Even having an heir drive you to the meeting may provide just enough cause for another beneficiary to begin forming doubts.

3. Videotape the signing

Thanks to modern technology, you can easily prove you personally signed the will with no heirs around. When you go to sign the will, ensure you make a video recording of the event. This will prove you had no undue influence and had a sound mind. For added peace of mind, explain the reasons for allocating the assets the way you have.

While you hope that no conflicts between heirs happens, the stress of losing a loved one has a way of making people act out of character.


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