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What are some traits of a quality executor?

When you think about the future, one of the most pressing concerns you may have is your estate and your assets. After you die, you need someone to fulfill all the legal requirements of your will and deal with your beneficiaries.

Learning about the traits that are important for this job can help you pick someone you trust that will fit the role.

Handles conflict well

According to Kiplinger, if you choose someone who knows your loved ones and family, then this person can more easily solve conflicts if they arise. This can include arguments about the heirlooms they receive or what inheritance they get.

Being able to stay calm and communicate clearly in tense situations is an important skill for an executor.

Demonstrates fiscal responsibility

Since your executor is responsible for paying off your debts and possibly contacting the courts or creditors, you should trust this person with money. Some people recommended that this person should not have filed for bankruptcy in the past and should have a solid credit history. A commitment to saving money while filing paperwork or paying off fees is also important.

Shows willingness to learn

One of the most important parts of this job is the dedication to seeing it through until the end to the best of this person’s ability. Talking with a close friend or relative and discussing what this job entails so that they know what they have to do is a necessary part of this process.

The person you pick does not need to know everything about wills or estate planning, but they should be willing to learn. Being aware of these qualities can help you as you pick out an executor.


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