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Estate planning, power of attorney important for college students

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2019 | Long Term Care Planning

Being in college often gives many Massachusetts residents their first taste of adulthood. They may live on campus and away from their parents for the first time and have to find ways to address many adult issues on their own. What some may not consider, however, is that now may be the time to start estate planning.

Many people think of estate planning as something that an elderly person needs to do, but really, estate plans can help any adult. Many college students may not realize that their parents no longer have the legal ability to make decisions on their behalf should a serious problem arise, like a medical emergency. If a college student ends up in a situation where medical wishes cannot be communicated, his or her parents cannot simply make those decisions.

Fortunately, college-aged adults can utilize certain estate planning documents to ensure that the person they want making those decisions has the power to do so. They can create a medical power of attorney document that appoints another person to make medical decisions for them if they cannot do so on their own. They can also create an authorization that allows medical professionals to disclose personal information to a designated third party.

Estate planning may not seem like a priority to college-aged individuals, but it can prevent many issues in the event of an emergency. If young adults in Massachusetts feel that getting these documents in order could suit their needs, they may want to gain more information on them. They could find it useful to work with experienced attorneys during this process to ensure that their wishes are legally binding.


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