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Leaving instructions in wills for beneficiaries

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2017 | Wills

By now, most people across the country, including Massachusetts, have heard about the passing of the famous playboy Hugh Hefner. While many may not have agreed with his lavish and somewhat scandalous lifestyle, some individuals may be surprised to find themselves agreeing with the stipulations left in his will. Many people may be unaware of what stipulations or instructions can be included in their wills.

Hefner’s will requires that his beneficiaries abstain from drugs and alcohol. It states that his beneficiaries, including his children and third wife, may not frequently use any illegal substance or be considered to be dependant on alcohol. In order to enforce this, the will also gives trustees the power to request a drug test from the beneficiaries when they feel that it is necessary. 

If any of the beneficiaries violate these stipulations, they may be terminated from the trust and receive no benefits from the Playboy fortune. However, Hefner also left instructions detailing how his beneficiaries might return to the trust and once again benefit from the billion-dollar empire he left behind. Any beneficiary who has been removed from the trust may re-enter it if he or she is drug and alcohol-free for one year and is able to provide for him or herself.

Despite what some may have thought of his lifestyle, in his will, Hugh Hefner attempted to provide strong incentives for his children and wife to continue living healthy and productive lives. There are many parents who may be worried about how their beneficiaries will handle the assets that they are given. Massachusetts residents who wish to discuss wills and what stipulations or instructions may be included or how to incorporate other wishes, like a DNR or a power of attorney, could benefit from speaking with a local lawyer. 

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