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Carrie Fisher’s estate administration hits snag with trust issue

The handling of an estate can be a very delicate business, especially when grief over a loved one’s death is still fresh. In many cases, having a detailed estate plan can help the estate administration process move forward more smoothly in Massachusetts. Of course, if no plan exists or if the plan was not updated as needed, the administration proceedings may hit some snags.

There is potential for the estate of late Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher to face some possible issues. Apparently, Fisher’s plan involved a living trust, which she used to manage her assets. However, some of her property had not been moved to the trust at the time of her death. As a result, those assets may need to go through the probate process.

In an attempt to avoid having portions of the estate go through this legal proceeding, attorneys for the estate are hoping that Fisher’s intention to include the items in the trust will be enough of an argument. Her estate will be inherited by her only child, Billie Lourd, who is reported as being 24 years old. Specific assets of the estate include a life insurance payout, a vehicle, bank accounts and ownership of numerous businesses.

When unexpected issues arise during estate administration, surviving loved ones may not always know the best way to handle the situation. However, gaining advice from experienced legal counsel could potentially help concerned Massachusetts residents navigate the necessary legal channels. Information on the probate process and how trusts are addressed during administration may prove useful to parties looking for answers.

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