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Estate administration complications may hit Fernandez estate

When an individual leaves behind an estate and did not create a will, the surviving family may have many responsibilities. Often, loved ones will want to take steps to ensure that the estate administration process is handled in a manner befitting their late family member. However, without the direct wishes of the deceased being known, issues could arise. 

The estate of late professional baseball pitcher Jose Fernandez may be of interest to Massachusetts residents. The late player died last year at the age of 24 after being involved in a boating accident. Because his estate was left without a will, his mother is hoping to gain control of the $3 million estate and recently filed a motion with the court. 

Among the heirs that could potentially benefit from the estate is his daughter, who was born to Fernandez’s girlfriend after the pitcher died. It is unclear whether his girlfriend may also wish to gain something from the estate. Another factor that could have an unknown effect on the estate is the possibility of legal claims being filed against the estate from the families of two individuals who also died in the same boating accident that claimed Fernandez’s life.

Estate administration can hinge on a variety of potential factors and circumstances. Therefore, surviving family members who are hoping to attend to their loved one’s estate effectively may wish to determine what issues could affect their case. Interested Massachusetts residents who are facing similar uncertainties may wish to consult with experienced probate and estate administration attorneys to gain useful information and assistance.

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