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Probate is the legal process validating a person’s will. Once a person has died, state courts will process the will, and the assets will be distributed through probate. Probate can be simple when estates have assets of less than $1 million. For more valuable estates, the process may take a little longer. Either way, personal property must go through probate, and that’s why you will need an experienced attorney to guide you.

Albanese Law, LLC, of Milton, Massachusetts, has helped numerous clients in the Boston area. Our lawyers are knowledgeable, respectful and resourceful in offering a complete range of estate planning services.

The Critical Steps In Probate, And We Can Help

In probate, the executor/personal representative of the will must prove its validity. This person presents to the court the will as well as a detailed list of the decedent’s assets and debts. The court then instructs the executor in how to manage the assets until the process is completed with the beneficiaries receiving their inheritances.

Here are the basic steps that take place during probate.

  • An executor/personal representative is appointed if one has not been named.
  • The decedent’s will is validated. (Was it properly prepared? Were there enough witnesses? Was there no evidence of undue influence?)
  • Tallying and inventorying of the probate property is done.
  • The value of the assets is determined.
  • Bills and taxes owed by the decedent’s estate are paid.
  • Disputes between heirs are settled.
  • Distribution of the remainder of the estate is carried out.

We have helped Massachusetts families for more than a decade. We are skilled and can help you maneuver through complexities of estate planning.

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The probate process may take more than a year to complete. We can help you. Protecting your family is critical in estate planning. Albanese Law, LLC, of Milton, Massachusetts, has more than a decade of experience in estate planning. Call us now for a complimentary initial consultation at 866-591-4451.