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When Disputes Arise, Estate And Probate Litigation May Help

Nearly everyone hopes for a smooth estate settlement, but it doesn’t always happen. Disputes among heirs and allegations of an executor’s incompetence may surface during the probate process. The bickering can be loud and the finger-pointing non-stop. This is when an experienced estate and probate litigator should step in.

In many instances, contested estates can be resolved with limited expense and without protracted litigation or a costly court trial.

In the Boston area, Albanese Law, LLC, of Milton, Massachusetts, has represented numerous clients in the past decade. We want to help you avoid any problems. Led by Matthew P. Albanese, our team is knowledgeable, thorough, client-focused and resourceful.

Contesting Wills, Poor Behavior Of Executors

Occasionally, disagreements and lawsuits arise during the probate process. Typically, someone may be unhappy about the property that he or she has received. And some may have concerns that a trustee — the person who manages the property held in the trust — as well as the executor or personal representative is incorrectly distributing the property or has simply neglected their fiduciary duties.

Such challenges may surface when the executor is disorganized, incompetent and careless, or even if the executor puts personal interests first. In some cases, executors misappropriate assets from the estate. In other situations, beneficiaries may challenge the will, citing forgery, undue influence and lack of capacity. Such situations are highly emotional affairs, so retaining a skilled estate planning attorney is a necessity.

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Estate and probate litigation is a possibility when issues arise during an estate settlement. Beneficiaries may be unhappy, an executor may lack the skills in doing the job or a will can be challenged. An experienced estate and probate litigator can help. For more than a decade, Albanese Law, LLC, of Milton, Massachusetts, has served clients in the Boston area and eastern Massachusetts. For a complimentary consultation, contact a lawyer at 866-591-4451.