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Experienced Estate Planning Representation

A Current Estate Plan, A Knowledgeable Attorney

You’re already ahead of the curve because you have an estate plan. A will and health care directive are in place, an executor of the will as well as guardians for your children have been named. But something is amiss, and you may not know it. It was 20 years ago when you created your estate plan. Your life changed, the state and federal laws have changed, and so must your estate plan.

For more than a decade, Albanese Law, LLC, of Milton, Massachusetts, has guided families and individuals on estate planning needs. Led by Matthew P. Albanese, our team understands the intricacies of estate planning law in guiding clients with business holdings, millions of dollars in property or the typical middle-class family with a simple estate. Our legal team will provide the answers you seek when it’s time to update your estate plan, whether it be a will, trust or advance directive.

Update An Estate Plan When Life Events Happen

A neglected estate plan provides avoidable problems. When life events occur, it is essential to revise your will. Here are some situations that should prompt you to update an estate plan:

  • Marriage
  • The births of children or grandchildren
  • The death of a loved one who had been a beneficiary
  • Starting a business
  • Divorce
  • Recent diagnosis which may lead to disability or incapacity

Mr. Albanese is a skilled attorney who is up-to-date with current estate planning laws in Massachusetts. He and his staff will do their best to help you and your family take full advantage of the available options to help you keep your assets intact as much as possible.

We Provide Free Consultations

Updating an estate plan is a necessity when your life changes. Our law firm can help. For more than a decade, Albanese Law, LLC, of Milton, has provided a complete range of estate planning services to clients in Boston and eastern Massachusetts. We are thorough, client-focused, knowledgeable and resourceful. For a complimentary consultation, contact a lawyer at 866-591-4451.