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Posts tagged "Estate planning"

Massachusetts probate process and beneficiary designations

Many people in Massachusetts know to review their estate plan occasionally to be sure that it still conforms with the wishes of the person making out the will. Unfortunately, many people forget to do the same when it comes to beneficiary designations. This can cause problems when it comes to the probate process.

Organization can help heirs properly allocate assets

When it comes to matters of estate planning, many Massachusetts residents feel certain that they have adequately addressed their needs. Once the planning process is complete, many people put their documents away and never revisit the issue. However, a recently published article suggests that one of the most important aspects of estate planning lies less in the documents that are prepared and more in how those important decisions are stored. Without the proper attention, one's heirs can encounter significant problems when trying to complete the allocation of assets.

Estate planning makes sense for many Massachusetts residents

Many people are apprehensive when it comes to planning for their death. This reservation can arise for a wide range of reasons, from the cost, to the difficulty of talking about the issue. However, for most Massachusetts residents, if they want to ensure that their money goes where they desire it to, some estate planning will ensure that this hope becomes a reality.

3 areas to consider before setting up a trust

Every person manages their finances and economic goals differently. What may be an important expense to one person may have no effect on someone else with similar assets and wealth. Protecting an individual's goals and assets is one of the most crucial things that a person can do, but what happens to all of it after a person passes away?