Protection Of Your Medicaid Proceeds

Medicaid planning helps individuals ensure that they get the care they require in a nursing home, long-term care facility or even at home. Unless these funds have been protected through tools such as a trust, the government can draw money from retirement savings, Social Security payments and other sources of income and assets.

The financial and legal issues that are often faced by families of elderly individuals who are faced with a transition to an elder care facility can be overwhelming. Attorney Matthew Albanese has nearly a decade of both public sector and private sector experience assisting individuals through the legal issues concerning estate planning and elder law with a strong emphasis on Medicaid planning in Boston and through eastern Massachusetts.

Long-Term Care Considerations

We will examine every available option to protect your financial assets. Proper long-term care requires looking at all possible strategies and tax consequences associated with those strategies. Qualifying for public benefits and the possibility of multiple benefit programs such as Medicaid and VA benefits are also factors that need to be considered.

We understand the complex laws in the area of Medicaid estate planning and help our clients and families qualify for assistance in order to meet their long-term care goals.

Law Firm Assisting The Elderly With Their Financial Needs

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